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- field survey showing elevation points

- Ability to do projects with various slopes and directions of the water

- Ability to import complex projects from the program installed

- Controlling the movements of the blade

- Showing the volume of the soil to be moved

- average height

- average slope

- work surface

-Suggesting the best way to move the less soil

-possibility to change the slope and the direction of the water

- Showing the maximum areas to be filled / cut

-Made in Italy

-2 Year Warranty

-7 Days a Week After-Sales Services

CANAMEK CANellite, RTK GPS Land Leveling System

  • GPS Base Station
    Radio Antenna
    Base Control Box
    GPS Antenna
    Rover BOX
    7'' Tablet
    Permanent Software
    ABS Carry Case

  • Satellites: GPS + GLONASS 
    Accuracy: +/- 2 cm+ 1ppm    
    Working radius: 5km
    Blade control via joystick: automatic and manual
    System Operation: Windows
    Effective coverage: 5 km/ 3.1 Miles in radius
    Input Voltage: 12- 30V DC
    Survey and Land Topography: Yes 
    Record keeping: Yes

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