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This Package is a Bundle for CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Laser Control System Power Mast Included with CANAMEK-Green-THEIS Laser Transmitter.

Ordering CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Power Mast Included along with CANAMEK-Green-THEIS Laser Transmitter, you will save 435 USD in comparison to ordering each separately.

CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Laser Control System with Power Mast & THEIS-CANAMEK-Green Lase

  • CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Power Mast Included’’ Package Components:
    CP210-CAN Control Box
    MD205-CAN Laser Receiver
    Power Mast PM400
    Power Cable
    Blade Cable
    Data Cable from Power Mast to Receiver
    Data Cable from Power Mast to Control Box
    Aluminum Carry Case
    CANAMEK-Green-THEIS Laser Transmitter Package Components:
    Dual Grade Laser (Auto Slope)
    Radio Remote Control
    Rechargeable NiMH Battery
    12v Battery Cable
    ABS Carry Case

    Features for CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Laser Control System Package;
    Connects to Almost all Machine Types
    -Offers Automatic, Manual and survey modes
    -Connecting to all Laser Transmitters with Red Laser Beam
    -3 / 9 / 14 MM Accuracies
    -LED Display that can be Easily Read, even in Strong Sunlight or in the Night Time
    -Operation Temperature: - 20 to 60+ °
    -Valve Types Supported; On/Off Valves, Actuators(Optional)
    -Valve Flow Setting
    -10 to 30 V input voltage
    -Made in CANADA
    -2 Year Warranty

    Features for CANAMEK-Green-THEIS Laser Transmitter Package;
    Dual grade slope +/- 15%
    With adjustment (AUTOSLOPE)
    TILT in levelling and grade
    Range > 1000 m (radius) depends on the Laser Receiver
    Operating temperature up to 60 °C
    Masking function of the laser beam
    Storage of last slope values
    Made in Germany
    Covering 2 years warranty

  • Technical Data for CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Laser Control System
    Control Box CP210-CAN: 
    Selectable Accuracies
    Water-Resistant: IP66
    Capability of Remote Switch Connectivity
    Displaying Error Message When No Connection Between Receiver & Control Box
    Short circuit protection
    Voltage Range: 12 to 24 V
    Blade Up and Down Speed Control in 80 Increments through Menu

    Laser Receiver MD205-CAN:
    Alloy Aluminum Body
    Water-Resistant: IP68
    Capture Range: 360°
    Measurement Window: 190 mm
    Weight: 2.850   Kg
    Receiver Communicates and is Powered via CAN bus
    Voltage Range: 12 to 24 V
    Mechanical Clamp Mount for Secure Attachment on Machines
    Real-Time Laser Bounce Filtration
    Flashing LED Indicators:
                   Red: Receiver is above grade
                  Green; Receiver is on grade
                  Yellow; Receiver is below grade

    Power Mast PM400-CAN:
    Steel body with aluminum parts
    Digital measurement system
    Voltage range of 10 to 24 VDC
    1000 mm stroke
    Accuracy of +- 1 mm (Also with Imperial indication)


    Cables and Connectors:
    Water & Dust Proof Connectors
    Circular Mill Connectors
    Appropriate for High Mechanical Stress
    Appropriate for Low temperatures
    Oil Resistant
    Power Cable Length: 13.12 ft
    Blade Cable Length: 24.77 ft
    Receiver to Control Box Connection Cable Length: 36 - 46 ft

    Technical Data for CANAMEK-Green-THEIS Laser Transmitter
    Laser Class/High Power                                  3R
    Wave length                                                     630 ... 660 nm
    Output/High Power                                          < 5 mW
    Range (radius)/High Power *                          > 1000 m
     Horizontal                                                       ✓
    Self-levelling range                                          ± 5°
    Levelling accuracy                                          ± 1,5 mm /30 m
    Grade range x,y                                             ± 15 %
    Grade monitoring/compensation                    ✓
    Grade accuracy                                            ± 0,025 %
    Speed step by step mode (rpm)                       0 – 1000
     Partial mask mode                                          ✓
    Windy function standard                                   ✓
    Display lighted                                                  ✓
    Power source                                                    NiMH+ or Alkaline “D“ cells
    Running time (accu/battery)                              ≈ 70 h / 120 h
    Charging time                                                   ≈ 6 h
    Operating temperature                                     -15 ... +60 °C
    System of protection                                         IP 67
    Weight                                                              ≈ 3 kg


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