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Dual grade slope +/- 15%

With adjustment (AUTOSLOPE)

TILT in levelling and grade

Range > 1000 m (radius) depends on the Laser Receiver

Operating temperature up to 60°C

Masking function of the laser beam

Storage of last slope values

Made in Germany

Covering 2 Year warranty

CANAMEK-Green-THEIS Laser Transmitter


  • Dual Grade Laser (Auto Slope)
    Radio Remote Control
    Rechargeable NiMH Battery
    12v Battery Cable
    ABS Carry Case

  • Laser Class/High Power: 3R
    Wave length:630 ... 660 nm
    Output/High Power: < 5 mW
    Range (radius)/High Power *:> 1000 m
    Self-levelling range:± 5°
    Levelling accuracy:± 1,5 mm /30 m
    Grade range x,y:± 15 %
    Grade monitoring/compensation:                    ✓
    Grade accuracy:± 0,025 %
    Speed step by step mode (rpm):0 – 1000
     Partial mask mode:✓
    Windy function standard:✓
    Display lighted:✓
    Power source:NiMH+ or Alkaline “D“ cells
    Running time (accu/battery):≈ 70 h / 120 h
    Charging time:≈ 6 h
    Operating temperature:-15 ... +60 °C
    System of protection:IP 67
    Weight:≈ 3 kg

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