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- Reducing labor work

Improve work efficiency

It receives stable signal

Not affected by fog, storm, haze

Not affected by plot height

Kind of Operation Form: Plot, Flat, Double bevels, football field

Showing Cut/Fill Area

Showing Average Height

Showing Average Slope 

Free Remote Service

Free Training & Setup

-1 Year Warranty

-7 Days a Week After-Sales Services

CANAMEK RTK GNSS Control System, EASY 3D LEVEL, Single Antenna

  • GPS Base Station
    Radio Antenna
    High Precision Satellite Antenna
    Base Control Box
    Rover BOX
    Permanent Software
    ABS Carry Case

  • Technical Data
    Accuracy of 1cm +1ppm
    Effective coverage of 3-5 km
    Signals: BeiDou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
    System Operation: Android
    Input Voltage: 12- 30V DC
    Survey and Land Topography: Yes 
    Record keeping: Yes

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