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-Centimeter-Level Accuracy Through Fully Automated Control

-Consistent Precision on both Sides of the Blade Tip

-Powerful 10.1" Touchscreen Android Tablet for User-Friendly Interactions

-Easily Switch Between 2D and 3D Dual Modes

-Compatible with all Bulldozer Models with Hydraulic Pilot Valves

-Metal Housing Antenna

-Anti-Interference Protection

-Rugged and Shock-Resistant IMU Sensor

-Heavy-Duty Cables

-Real-Time Blade Control

-Sunlight Readable Display Tablet

-GNSS Antenna’s Quick Release Mounts

Download TD63 PRO_DS_EN.pdf

CHCNAV TD63 Pro 3D Dozer Control System


  • Android 10.1" Touch Screen
    MCNAV Software
    GNSS Antenna
    GNSS Receiver
    IMU Sensor
    Valve Module

  • -IP68 Compliance, GPS Antennas
    -IP65 Dust and Waterproof Display Tablet
    -IP67 Rating, IMU Sensor
    -Supports Multiple Coordinate Calibration File Formats (.crd, .dc, .cal, .lok, .jxl, .loc)
    -Supports Multiple Design File Formats (.rodx, .dxf, .landxml)
    - Integrated Pressure Relief Protection
    - Operation Temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C

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