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CHCNAV TX63 3D Machine Guidance for Excavator

-Optimal Bucket Accuracy in all Positions

-Fast Installation and Calibration

-Built-in GNSS Module in the Display for Easy Setup

-Dual 2D/3D Mode for Added Versatility (optional)

-Suitable for all Excavator Models, with Support for Tilt Bucket Functionality

-Built-in and Editable Global Coordinate Systems for more Flexibility

-Support for Multiple Coordinate Calibration Files Including crd, dc, cal, lok, jxl, loc

-Professional-Grade Options for Fixed or Mobile Base Stations, with Radio and Network Data Transmission

-Design File Support for .rodx, .dxf and .landxml Files

-Quickly Design Surfaces in the Field, Streamlining Operational Workflow

-Fully Synchronized Mechanical Attitude, Model Attitude, and Cut-and-Fill Data

-4 Different Views Tailored to Different Jobsites and Work Practices

-10" Widescreen Sunlight Readable Display

CHCNAV TX63 3D Machine Guidance for Excavator


  • -10.1" Color Touch Screen
    -McNav Software
    -Tilt Sensor
    -GNSS Antenna

  • -IP68 and 50 G Shock Resistant Gauge Class IMU Sensor
    -Industrial Grade Antenna with IP68 Rating, Metal Shell and Anti-Interference Design
    -Rugged Cables Resistance to High and Low Temperature Environments
    -Shock Protected Sensors and Cable Harnesses
    -Clear Visualization of Cut and Fill Data

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